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Prithvi Vatsalya is a multimedia communicator. He is a trans masculine person, currently based out of Bengaluru. As an IUIF fellow (an Ideosync and UNESCO collaboration to promote communication for social change), he produced a podcast called TRANSPEAK. Formerly, he was a journalist with mid-day, a Mumbai-based news publication. He has written about a range of issues surrounding social justice, health, literature, politics, and pop culture. He has a Master’s degree in Psychology. He is also pursuing another one in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is committed to the cause of LGBTQIA+ rights. He has co-written a queer film called Laila Manju. He loves reading, (un)learning, eating biryani and petting animals.

Enough Is Enough, No More Medical Gatekeeping!

Medical gatekeeping is a real problem and we need to address it when talking about trans healthcare. Medical gatekeeping refers to health professionals withholding the medical facilities being sought by a person. Essentially, a trans person has to articulate their complex, personal experiences with gender and their deepest discomforts with regards to their body, to complete (cis) strangers.