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Rajeev is an Overthinker, a Self-Proclaimed Chef; Pop Culture Enthusiast, a Rainbow Poet and a Passionate Kisser. Although a bit introverted and shy at first, he will soon make you feel like home. He is an angry feminist too, very vocal about gender politics and social injustices springing from Patriarchy.

The Agency, Autonomy, And Diversity Of OnlyFans

OnlyFans has its origins in camming - a form of digital era ‘peep-show’ with more liberal power dynamics. For the model, it is about payment, safety (absence of agencies), the relationship of power and desire, and pleasure-seeking. For the viewer, it’s about privacy, power & control, the feeling of intimacy, and pleasure-seeking. Such platforms on the internet have reconstituted our way of being sexual while also providing unfettered sexual freedom.

An Introduction To LeftTube: Left-wing YouTube

The videos usually involve two types; one where a talking point is explained, analysed and debunked. Another type is an explanatory video with a general aim. Their content also generates significant discussion on YouTube and Reddit. It should be noted that the right-wing’s presence on YouTube is pervasive, with videos on conspiracy theories, xenophobic fear-mongering, and misogynistic fury, that have been viewed, shared and endorsed by millions.

Wonder Woman 1984: It Is Good, But It Can Be Better

Superhero movies have traditionally catered to a male audience with an emphasis on superbly choreographed action sequences with much flare and destruction. ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ turns that on its head. In one of the first action sequences of the movie, we get an “I hate guns” from Diana, as she gracefully and comically stops a robbery at the mall.