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Saachi Gupta is an LGBTQ+ activist, animal lover and the author of 'With Love, or Something Like That.' She is a strong believer in equality amongst mankind.

Here’s Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Lil Nas X’s New Music

As a queer girl in India, not knowing if I can come out to someone has often made me feel unsure and trapped. Holding back a part of my identity that feels so important to me has left me feeling ashamed, like I'm hiding a dirty secret. To me, it is this feeling that the music video of Industry Baby captures, along with the eventual euphoria that comes with being true to oneself.

Still III

So, redo it, then — A hundred thousand and twenty times Somehow, I'm still here Struggling to get it right.

Reel Around The Fountain

There is a new boy in school. He arrived yesterday, in a yellow shirt and black pants, saying he hadn't received his uniform yet. His hair was dark, and there was something sharp about his face. When the time had come to find a seat, Kafka had crossed his fingers, hoping the boy would sit next to him.

10 Queer Desi Love Songs To Warm Your Heart

Queer love songs, of course, hold a special place within music — security, passion, and happy endings are things that, unfortunately, cannot be taken for granted by queer people. So, here’s a list of queer love songs for the ‘out and proud’ or questioning Desi, to reassure you that everything can and will be okay.

10 Queer Love Songs To Save The World

Queer love songs, to me, are especially important. There is something different about the queer experience — a sort of solidarity that comes with acceptance. After LGBTQA+ relationships being deemed lustful and threatening for so many years, it is comforting to see the rise of heart-warming queer love songs from musicians worldwide.

A Journey To Unapologetic Queerness With Sam Smith

Smith's newest album Love Goes is perhaps the freest and queerest of all their records. “A celebration of youth and music”, the album has 17 tracks, and is surprisingly, Smith's first real breakup album. The twist, though, is that it is a feel-good break up album.


Amal's eyes are wide now, her mouth hanging open like she lost the words that she was about to say. She blinks furiously, and Inaya's not sure if they're tears or just raindrops.