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Sasha Bings was born in England in 1980, but her family returned to India when she was 16. She escaped two years later to study psychology and creative writing in the United States, coming back to Bombay as a fully-fledged lesbian in her mid-twenties. Like most of us, she has a day job, but writes short stories on her blackberry when she’s stuck in traffic, or late at night before she falls asleep. She used to meditate, but she found writing stories to be much more cathartic. Sasha blesses all her ex-loves for teaching her that life goes on. These stories are dedicated to them. She lives with her two cats, Minks and Kinks, and parrot, Sing-Song.

Love Triangle : Part 1

She was the sporty kind who drove a red and black Hero Honda and and was always in T's and jeans with a new pair of sneakers she had picked up in Dubai or Bangkok.

Queen of Hearts – Part I

Zarina was running late by 15 minutes to Rani’s office. The controversial head of a major luxury brand based out of Delhi, Rani was known for her extravagant parties and …

Missing Wet Wednesdays

Dear Lezzies,

I apologize that I have been errant in my responsibilities in delivering sexy stories to you every week. The truth is I have been having so much damn …

Rainy Days – Finale

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

In the Bedroom

Zarina walked out of the coffee-shop with Mallika. There was a slight drizzle of rain. They walked in silence to …

Rainy Days

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Memory Lane-2

Mallika was already waiting at their table when Zarina arrived at India Jones. She was checking messages on her blackberry and …

Rainy Days

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Memory Lane-1

Zarina and Mallika walked in silence to Mallika’s apartment opposite the Fariyas Hotel in Colaba. Mallika was calling in sick for …

Rainy Days

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Part I: The Coffee shop

Zarina walked into Theobroma on Colaba Causeway and sat at a table by the window, at the very …

It Happened One Night

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Zarina landed at Tokyo’s international airport and went straight to the hotel near the convention center. She had arrived two days before the …

The PR Agent

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Zarina woke up with a dull headache. She had spent a late night researching marketing opportunities for her company Zylo and smoked way …