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Queer Pride : Bangalore 2011

The Bangalore Pride Week was a huge success. The cricket match, the panel discussion, garage sale, kooth party and the march. There is so much to tell. It was festive and nice. The entire queer community in Bangalore was excited. A lot of people contributed in several ways. Oh and of course, there were sex toys, kissing booths and many such scandalizing things.

When Tears Don’t Flow

When tears don’t flow

And all is trapped

All you feel is numb

And nothing else

Paralyzed with pain

All that flashes is the past


When tears don’t flow…

What You NEVER Say To A Lesbian!

Let me make this clear. This is not to express any form of hatred towards men. I don’t hate you. This is just a quick guide to things you should never say to your lesbian friends or any lesbian. NEVER.

That One Kiss

My life was perfect. A kiss ruined it. Just one kiss and I haven’t slept in three nights. Why?

My friends and colleagues are jealous of me. I work with …


What did I love about you? Was it love?  I thought I loved you. But maybe, I loved who I thought you were. Not who you really are. As much …

A Lesbian & I’m Lovin It!

Yes. I am a lesbian. I love women. I always have. Men don’t do it for me. These lines I can simply state to anyone. Ever since I came out of the closet, I have been completely out and proud. I haven’t feared anybody or anyone. No self doubt, no pressure from anyone. Nothing.

Kiss Me Already

Kiss me already, because you can’t stop leching at me

Kiss me already, because you can’t keep your hands off me

Kiss me already, because I need to stop fidgeting …

Wine, Wait, Those Moments…

Here we are. Drinking wine.  Looking at the stars. Exchanging glances every now and then. Days, months of that wait, finally come to an end. The wait. The wait to …


Amidst all the noise, all the crowd and all that hypocrisy, I saw you and I saw a cigarette fall.

Boys getting drunk, dirty dancing, sex on the floor.

Fake …