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Andromeda is a writer who believes that the point of her existence is in diving headfirst into thoughts, things and conceptions of society that keep people stuck in time. She has used the last seven years of her energy trying to untie ridiculous knots that have been precariously preserved in the social constructs of gender, caste, mental health and identity. She has a book of fabulist fiction to her name and among other things, she continues to find new strands of thought to unravel, using her words and illustrations to untether them. Her other interests include existential thought and sky-gawking.

Book Review: “Rainbow Boys” And “Rainbow Girls” By Kamla Bhasin & Priya Kuriyan

The hope through education is to consistently allow each child the opportunity to be free to learn about and make space for identity markers that speak to one’s authentic truth. This is where I really appreciate how simply these two books with Ms Kuriyan’s playful illustrations drive home the need to see and accept oneself and other children (and everyone!) as unique individuals.