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Late Bloomer, Coffee Drinker, French-Frier. Romance in her head. Erotica in her bones!

The Lesbian Type!

It's been almost two years since I came onto the Lezzie scene. I've met many, dated many and gotten to know a lot of women. Some have been phenomenal. Some you discover along the way. Some allow you the power to be yourself and some to bloom. Some are Hi. Some are so strictly bye! My must have list still holds good.

Nose Ring

Your nose ring
It calls out to me.
Almost saying
touch me, tinker bell
It glints, telling me…
I am so within your reach

Your nose ring is
like a …

Midnight Meanderings (Part 1)

Everything about the evening was cataclysmic. And sudden. Unexpected almost. As the golden sun setting down was suddenly surrounded by black clouds and the sweet coo of the cuckoo was …

I Ask…

I ask myself,
When will I be able to hold your hand
In public and say we are intertwined?
Is a vocal declaration
of my love necessary
for you?

I …

The Mirror!

As a little child, I spent many hours in front of the mirror imitating my mom. Wearing her saree – big bindi – and then of course the earrings and …


You steal my words…
Steal them without knowing
As I numb my brain
my sexual desire
my illicit deep craving
for you…

You steal my words…
my feelings without me …


You are scared
Of being my inspiration
Of being just words and getting lost
in my solitary mental foreplay

How do I explain
that sometimes words are all I have?…


You leave…
and you leave behind
a whiff of you…
In my bed
In my head
In my room

A tormenting breeze
twirls the curtains
and brings you back…
In …


I ask myself,
When will I be able to hold your hand
In public and say we are intertwined?
Is a vocal declaration
of my love necessary
for you?

I …

You Are Not Mine

You are not mine.
You were not since the days our eyes met.

Yet, you invade my dreams
without my permission
And I watch
as these technicolour images

Desire (Again!)

It was the first night I was spending in her apartment! I was to spend two weeks – having lost a bet with her… The prospect of a long lonely …

I know…

I know…
You think of me
When the radio plays
the song we danced on.

I know…
you think of me
when a status is updated
to evoke a response…

Good Girl Gone Bad?

But at 32, life's not about bad or good. good or bad. I am realising, that it's just about being true to yourself. It's truly about having no rules, no wrongs or rights except what your heart says is all-right.


Third date. Always monumental.

This after a first date, which I had already blotted my copy book by wearing a short dress and talking about all the men in my …


Finally, a midnight shower
in the candlelight
All alone.
Exorcising you.

The desire
The mischief
No residue left
Of you
Of you and me
Making a memory

Now the steam …

The Lesbian Cult : Are You In Or Out?

In a few weeks of having met and chatted with some, I met the ‘gang’ and this gang of six-seven women became the path way to meeting new people. Hanging out with them felt awesome. Like I belonged… We dressed alike - skinnys and converse, had similar tastes and yes, we loved women! Midnight drives, dinners, long telephone conversations, shopping sprees, and coffee sessions – all became de rigueur and suddenly, I was hanging with them every night!