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Compulsive proof reader and multi-tasker. Incapable of giving straight answers to most questions. Frequently awestruck by the awesomeness of the universe. Lover of seafood, wine, Jack Daniels and kadak chai. Urban gypsy. Sucker for inspired writing. Professional baby-sitter. Wannabe poet. Part-time dreamer. Full-time seeker of the ultimate truth.


I want to see you

standing in the doorway
the sun lost in your hair
and hear you speak to me softly
with your eyes

to feel the warmth of …

Unfinished Symphony

The shifting shadows in your eyes, the watchful whispers in my touch

The silent swell of your cheekbone, the clamouring creases of my palm

The nervous hollow of your throat, …

Of Friends And Lovers

I’m thinking of the women who were a part of my life at different times, women of all ages, from different backgrounds, in different circumstances. With each one it was a unique journey on a different road, but when I look back, I see that the milestones were probably the same. We started as acquaintances – bumping into each other sometimes, calling each other for some bit of information sometimes, sharing a ride sometimes, meeting for coffee sometimes – doing all the normal acquaintance-y things that people do, with the keyword being 'sometimes'.


She was younger, much younger, but felt a lot older – in the way she spoke, in her silences. We met for coffee, late one night. She ordered tea. We …

When I Meet You Now

When I meet you now
it feels like dried flowers
pressed between the pages of my past.
Jasmine buds with all the life
sucked out of them,
their fragrance long …

Starting Trouble

Okay, so it’s taken me 35 years to ‘get’ that I’ve always liked women. While it’s one thing to be a late bloomer (that could be cute sometimes, in the ‘awww, really?’ way)… it’s a completely different thing to be a total tube light. But the news is: this tube light is now ON (the ‘CEMA bulbs aur tubes’ TV commercial flashes before my eyes, with Sridevi in her tight frilly costume, and the entire jingle threatens to stay on repeat in my blank white mind).

Still Listening

You play me with your words.

With murky sentiments and darker intentions

you purr seductively

in that husky, unreal voice of yours

and I feel your breath on my neck…


as we lie together

minds and bodies entwined

in perfect, formless symmetry

boundaries diffuse all around


like the smell of the flowers

in your hair

and I wonder if …