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Poll: What is This Kolaveri?

Dhanush, Sruthi, Aishwarya - What do you think about these characters in new Gaysi story : Why This Kolaveri? Where is the Queer angle or is there even one?


You bump into a hot item on the train/bus/sidewalk. You look, item looks back, both of your Gaydar worked this time ! Yay! What would you do?

Gaysi Census : What’s Your Number?

The Sexuality Rating Scale, aka “Kinsey Scale,” was developed by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues in 1948. The most commonly known heterosexuality is rated at zero and homosexuality (same sex …

Friendship Dilemma!

Your Gay friend decides to get married to a girl, due to parental pressure. His fiancee has no clue. What would you do?