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Do you want the right to marry?

Started by MJ
on Aug 26 2010
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Personally, I want all the rights that married heterosexuals have. I don’t care what it’s called (civil union, civil partnership, marriage). I don’t care if temples & churches & mosques can refuse to formalise our relationships. As long as I am not denied any social, legal rights, I am happy.

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Hi All,

I think the way forward in the future for gay marriages is that legal system should be based upon equality of all citizens rather than enforcing religious doctrines into law. Judicial system should have no power to enforce religious values upon its citizens, Instead, it should follow the preamble of the nation to protect and grant equal rights to everyone. To make this happen state should respect all its citizens as equal and they are the resource of the society they live in. Also citizens should respect other citizens as their countrymen. Until these two things done change, there is no point having equal marriage law written our legal system.

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I agree with anon where the first step is for the law to legalize persons of non-het non-cis sexualities, and see them as actual human beings rather than mental infirms who need to be “cured”. Once that obstacle is crossed, the law can’t bar anyone from living their lives, including marrying.

Case in point: New Zealand Human Rights Act of 93

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