2×2 Bar Night On Saturday, 4th June

Gaysi Family invites all Queer folks to PROM NIGHT

You know that Oh-Dear-God-She’s-So-Fuckin’-Cute-I-Want-Her-Address girl you’ve been making eyes at and stalking silently on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, OKC, Tinder and at Khar Starbucks on 14th Road?

Well, this is your chance to stop being like SRK from FAN, and actually ask her out like a human being. (If you want to be like SRK from FAN and ask yourself out, there’s nothing we can do, really, except maybe recommend a good therapist, not that there’s anything wrong with self-love).

Presenting, Gaysi Family’s 2×2 Bar Nights, a prom-themed evening of abso-frikkin-lute awesomeness, where you can JUST DANCE, GONNA BE OKAY, DA DA DOO-DOO-MMM.

So get that big “Will You Go To The Prom with me?” proposal ready, get your swag on, and ask your girl out!

We are getting the fruit punch chilling and the live band ready to have you tipping on your toes, and living a night we shall all remember.

Here are the details of when, where, what, how much and all that…

When: Saturday, June 4th, 2016
8.30PM – 01:00 AM

Venue: Link Room, 33, Link Corner, 3rd Floor, Behind KFC, Linking Road, Bandra (W) Mumbai. 

Entry Fee: Rs. 400

Dress Code: Whatever people wear to the Prom.

Kindly RSVP to gaysifamily@gmail.com or call Anuja on 9820444042 by 30th May.


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