377 Petition in Supreme Court : Survey

Researchers at the Jindal Law school are filing a petition in favour of the Naz foundation petition in the Supreme Court this Friday. For this reason, they are doing an empirical study to assess the positive impact that the High Court Judgment in the S. 377 case has had on the LGBT community in DELHI.

They need affidavits for this, and are aiming to get at least a 100 to persuade the Supreme Court to uphold the judgment that decriminalizes consensual non peno-vaginal sex.

Please answer the following four questions: YOU CAN DO THIS ANONYMOUSLY.

1) Name, age, area of residence (not the full address, just the area, eg. Saket)

2) Any instance of discrimination faced before the judgment
3) Has there been a difference since the judgment – better treatment by police, society in general, etc.
4) Do you want the Supreme Court to uphold the High Court judgment (and why)?


This would be a HUGE help to make the Supreme Court uphold the judgment. And remember this has to be done on or before FRIDAY 15th April, 2011.

Please e-mail your responses to kavya611@gmail.com

Thank you!!


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