377 Postcard Campaign: Tell the Supreme Court Yourself!

There’s a new campaign – one that brings back echoes of the past, when words and public opinion held sway and the only way to communicate was through the humble postcard.
In the aftermath of the 377 ruling, you can how tell the Supreme Court who you are and what you think of Section 377 directly via postcard.
Here’s one we sent right here! Send yours now!
Tell the Supreme Court who you are, and what you think of the Section 377 judgment
The Supreme Court thinks that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are a “miniscule” minority, undeserving of fundamental rights. It says Section 377 in no way has anything to do with our lives. On January 11, it will be on month since the Supreme Court’s judgment and its time that the Court hears directly from you.
You need to tell the Supreme Court that you exist, and that you lead a life, as normal or abnormal as anyone else’s. You need to tell the Supreme Court why its judgment is so wrong, and that you disagree with it. Here’s what you need to do
Step 1: Write a letter! This can be an inland post card (which you can buy from the post office) that says something short like “Don’t Criminalise Love! Down with Section 377” or “I disagree with the Supreme Court’s judgment upholding Section 377”. OR it can be a longer letter, where you tell the Supreme Court who you are (you can be queer, a parent/sibling/best friend of a queer person or a person who believes in the cause). You can be as detailed as you want to be and write in any language that you want to. Tell them who you are and where you’re from. If you came out, what did people say when you did? Were they supportive, or did they reject you, or a bit of both? Importantly, tell the Supreme Court why you think the judgment is bad, what it means to you or how it impacts you.
Step 2: Take a picture/soft copy of the letter or post card that you send and email it to orinam.377@gmail.com. The aim is to document and publicise the letters that are sent in. (If you don’t want your letter to be posted on a public site or shared with the media, let us know!)
Step 3: Send your letter today!
The Chief Justice of India
Supreme Court of India,
Tilak Marg,
New Delhi-110 201 (India)Or Fax it in to

FAX NOS.(011) 23381508,23381584,23384336/23384533/23384447
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