A Utopian Dream…

If you are living in India and words like free society, 21st Century, democracy….mean next to nothing. But what does stay, and kicks us hard up in the arse is a 150 year old IPC Act – 377. No…nah it doesn’t matter at all if the Brits who originally handed us this tragedy of an ACT have themselves long forgotten about it, we Indians continue ahead with the loyalty program. Ah! Such is our love for them and the desi-gays can continue to rot in hell jail.

In case you are wondering why I am in such a glorious mood, here is the gem of a reason…

Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said there was need for debate and consensus. “I can simply say that there should be more debate — public debate, Parliament debate. There has to be a consensus. The negative and positive has to be evaluated and then a conclusion should be evolved,” Azad said.

“Not only the Government but other political parties should also be in line with it. If you are going to be bringing in a legislation of this nature, there has to be a broad consensus,” he said. Azad said while certain issues were related to the country’s culture, others pertained to diseases associated with homosexuality. “There should be a general debate where our heritage as well as diseases are considered,” he said. [Link]

Debate, ya rite, which in simple words means “Me, my party members, your government…collectively are bunch of good for nothing morons. We rather suck up to the filth that goes around in the name of religion, culture, heritage, values…then allow some folks their basic human rights. So go on suckers, wait another 150 years”.

Sorry call me a pessimist but I don’t see no light at the end of this shit-hole tunnel.

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