A Week in Summary : Homophobia is Everywhere

Violence, hatred and intolerance for homosexuals is present world over and not just in third world countries. Check out our update.

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India: Politician Subranamian Swamy sent out homophobic tweets to one of his followers, stating, “You need to go to a hospital. Being gay is a mental disorder.” Swamy, President of the Janta Party, is known for his pro-Hindu and anti-Muslim stance amongst other controversial topics. Can you say bigotry?

You can send him twitter love here! Personally I suggest bombarding him with Queer glitter.

And talking of Hindu culture, and sabhyata…here’s a quickie in History :


So Mr. Swamy…how’s this for titillating your regressive mind?


France: It has been a week of homophobia and constant war for gay rights. France passed a groundbreaking law to legalize same sex marriage, which went into effect just over a week ago. Sadly, this decision was faced with immense opposition from anti-gay groups and protests slowly have turned violent as protestors clash with police. About 5000 policemen had been deployed on Sunday evening to tackle roughly 150,000 protestors.


Russia: Moscow’s Pride Parade ended in 30 gay rights campaigners being arrested by the Russian police. The marchers held up banners that openly denounced the Kremlin’s decision to back an anti-gay legislation. This legislation will prevent citizens from distributing “gay propaganda”, which in time could prevent pride parades, and any public display of homosexuality. Russia has made no attempt at providing equality to gays and lesbians and has in fact intensified its stance against homosexuality, despite pressure and condemnation from the west.


USA: On Saturday, a gay rights activist, Eugene Lovendusky was attacked late at night by 9 men who threw anti-gay slurs at Lovendusky and his 2 friends as they walked out of a club. One of the nine men has been arrested and charged with hate crime and aggravated harassment.

Lovendusky is the founder of Queer Rising, a grassroots organization fighting for equality. Just a few days ago, they had organized a candle light vigil for yet another victim of a hate crime. Mark Carson was shot and killed on May 18th in the West Village of NYC. Fortunately the suspect was arrested just a few blocks away from the crime.

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