All India Bakchod & Imran Khan Take On “Gay”Giri !

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You know how you’ve always wanted to know the answers to all of life’s important Questions like… How do Gays have coffee? Do Gays spread Aids? Where you can find the Gay Switch on your body?…And if Imran Khan is Gay and if not that, if hes at least a tree?

All India Bakchod together with a host of collaborators including your very own Gaysi Family presents a most brilliant satirical take on the commonsensical (NOT) questions about Homosexuality fielded by none other than Imran Khan.

Imran Khan has always been a pretty vocal support of  gay rights, animal rights and environmental rights. He even made it out to Gaysi’s very first Dirty Talk event to partake in our early attempts to entertain for equal rights.

All India Bakchod – where do even begin? – this brilliant troupe expanded their repertoire from standup to satirical viral videos on pressing issues of the day and have never looked back since. We love them.

After the dismay of the 377 ruling, we are happy for a few chuckles and the support. And if you genuinely have a few questions about Gaygiri, write in to us! Meanwhile, Enjoy !

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