All Our Genders : A Public Discussion

Several recent events in India have made it evident that collectively we lack a language to understand those gender positions that do not fit neatly into male and female and that we participate in an active erasure of a range of practices of gender non-conformity from our public life. This gap has led to a very difficult social climate for people – transgender, Hijra or gender variant – who live out such identities on a daily basis and has led to reprehensible situations involving arrests, blackmail and assault. Such events are only the crisis points of an everyday struggle which is marked by a real circumscription that gender non-conforming people face economically and politically, whether at homes, workplaces or schools/colleges.
We propose a public discussion on this issue for which we have put together a panel of speakers.

Do join us.

When: 6:30pm, 11th August, 2012
Where: Ambedkar University, Kashmere Gate Campus
Nearest Metro: Kashmere Gate [Yellow Line]

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