And the T-Shirt goes to:

Jane Doe!

The winning slogan is: “Each of us is different, but all of us are EQUAL“.

The slogan that was runner up was:  “Freedom means loving whoever you like.“, by IdeaSmith.

I loved all the entries. Personally I wanted ‘Bharatiya Naari’, but MJ said she wasn’t prepared for attacks from Shiv Sena and also Gaysi isn’t just for naaris!

But what struck me was what la vida loca said in her comment about wanting the slogan to be inclusive of gaysis & gaysi supporters & Jane Doe’s slogan does just that, as does IdeaSmith’s slogan.

Thank you all for participating. We’ll put up pictures of the T-Shirt here, once they’re printed.

Jane, you know our email ids- send us your address!

And MJ, I maybe a firangaysi but I still want my T-Shirt. Make it happen!

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