Annual Housekeeping Contest!

Update: This contest is now closed and we’re happy to declare Fishead as the winner for her feedback. Coincidentally it also happens to be her birthday and she wins Rs.2000.
Thank you all, for playing. We promise to consider ALL your comments in our new design!
© 2012 GaysiFamily. All rights reserved
© 2012 GaysiFamily. All rights reserved

It’s our annual house-keeping time. This means we are going to open our cabinet of whisky and hope that everything will just clean itself out like magic.

Okay, jokes apart, we do the cleaning and You win prizes! That’s right. We’re not kidding this time. No BS about putting our founders up for auction or imaginary pole dancers. We have a gift coupon to give away (a good amount, don’t worry) and it can be all yours!

All you need to do is send us your feedback about

1) Content: What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of? How can we make this more relevant to you?
2) Design: This part is a bit tougher. We’re looking for advice on how to improve over-all beauty and functionality. What needs to go? What needs to stay? This means, that saying, “it’s nice”, “it’s okay” or “When we will get Katrina nude photo?” won’t quite help.

It would easier to do a poll, I agree. But we want to hear what you have to say, without bogging your imagination down with the options we provide. Use the comments form below. Keep it civil but brutally honest. Try to be as detailed as you can. The most ingenious and useful feedback wins a gift voucher. Winner will be chosen by the GaysiDevis: Broom and MJ.

We’ll even compile the best comments and write a whole new post. So throw your bouquets, burgers and brickbats our way.

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