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Bloody depressing to see the outcome of Proposition 8. And this is Amrika we are talking about, the so called safe haven for us gay folks. Classic example of  – we like you but we don’t really like you.

"There’s something deeply wrong with putting the rights of a minority up to a majority vote," said Evan Wolfson, a gay-rights lawyer who heads a group called Freedom to Marry. "If this were being done to almost any other minority, people would see how un-American this is." [Link]

Thankfully though, at home things are looking a lot brighter. Okay, brighter maybe a beforehand jubilation but chalo, at least there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

The Delhi high court on Thursday disapproved of arguments that gay sex causes bodily injury and pulled up opponents of homosexuality for seeking continuance of ban on this ground.
"In several countries where ban has been lifted (from gay sex), no one has claimed that the act is injurious. Even WHO does not say that it causes injuries to people involved in such acts," a bench comprising Chief Justice A P Shah and Justice S Muralidhar remarked. [Link]

Apparently our senior VHP leader Mr. B P Singhal and his gang of daft baboons believe that sexual acts between same sex couples cause injuries to private parts of the people who indulge in such acts. And therefore it should be banned.

I mean seriously what is this dimwit hashing up? Either he is walking around in wrong company & watching some really screwed up (pun unintended) porn flicks. Or probably is he just jealous of us, queers.

On the other hand it is good to see our judiciary system work with a non-prejudice mind (also the manner in which High Court is whipping Center’s frail arse – simply mind-blowing). Hopefully the ridiculous predated law IPC 377 will be scraped off soon thereby providing some breathing space for the Queer community. Though this change in law won’t necessarily bring about the desired change in society’s mindset however….every positive step ahead counts na.

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