Bangalore Pride : Diversity Fair 2011

Bangalore Pride is excited to announce that the 2nd annual Bengaluru Pride Mela is scheduled for Saturday Nov 26th, 2011.

We are looking for:


Skits, magic, dance (Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Hip hop, Classical, Latin American, Contemporary), drama, stand up comedy, poetry, etc. All performance styles are welcome!

Performances should be under 10 minutes long. Please email your name / the name of your group, along with a one-sentence description of the performance to Kareem: ( Submission deadline is Nov 20th.


We welcome NGOs and other LGBT friendly organizations, bookstores, arts and crafts, henna artists, tattoo artists, food and drink vendors, florists, gift vendors etc.

If you are interested in setting up a stall, please contact Rohini: for further information. Submission deadline is Nov 20th.


We are hosting a photography competition as part of the pride celebrations. LGBTQ oriented photos that fit the theme “IN PUBLIC,” are invited for submission. Interpretation of the theme is open to the photographer. The winning photographs will be published in India’s favorite online queer magazine: Pink Pages.

Please email your submissions to Prithvi: Submissions should include a high-quality digital photograph, photographer’s name and contact info, and a title or one line description of the photo. Submission deadline is Nov 20th.


The mela is a big event and we need help making it run smoothly. If you would like to help out, please email Sam:

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us for further information about the Mela!

(Don’t worry too much about the deadlines – we need a headsup, but can probably adjust things if you call us a bit later. Be careful you’re not too late though, especially for the photography!)

Twitter handle: @bengalurupride

If you have any questions, email one of us, or send your queries to

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