Battle Of The Queers.

*cue game show music*

9 teams. 3 rounds. 1 #EPIC Queer Trivia Night (Can You Repeat The Question Please?)

Meth Lab Einsteins. Mumbai Magic. Chunabhati Champs. Smarty Pints. LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ. Lipstick Mafia. Vagina Dialogues. Sex Science. Motley Queers. Teams from around the far corners of hazy, sultry, gay Bombay. Hunched around tables over pints of beers, scribbling away furiously. Pressure mounting, as they battled it out for the ultimate title: The Queerest Queers.

Pre-quiz hazing, bloody fistfights, expletives even the censor board’s beep shies away from, a Zen-infused MJ — we saw it all. NOT! We also may or may not have seen someone in the loo, staring at the mirror, going, mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the queerest of them all? Set by our very own Anuja, MJ and Priya, and hosted by the rainbowsprinkledawesomeness, finger snapping, WHAT’S UP BITCHES, Sushant Divgikar, this quiz was THE one that revealed everyone’s Queer Quotient to the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD.

After 3 heart stopping rounds and a couple of earsplitting screams and several excited gay boys and 10,000 bottles of beer on the wall, we had our sweaty, grimy, bloody-knuckled victors: Motley Queers. Our gladiators in second place were Meth Lab Einsteins, Chunabhati Champs, and Vagina Dialogues. Winners took home swag from Black Panther, gorgeous little paper lamps handcrafted by Chirag, and of course, let’s face it, the only thing that matters really, unlimited bragging rights.

[A SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS shout-out to The Pint Room (Bandra), our gracious and ever-accommodating event partner for the night. And STOLI, our event sponsor — a big, juicy wet smooch to you guys for being so supportive of our queer whims and fancies.]




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