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Lez Go Metro in association with Gossip present: WOMENS CRICKET LEAGUE

Fire Strikers

Teams will be decided on the day of the match. Players will pick up a chit to decide which team they will play for. Captains have been decided already as they will be responsible for all team activities and requirements. They will be briefed about rules and regulations which they will need to brief their team in advance before the match.

Every team will have a specific colour t-shirt with the team logo. Every player will have to make sure they wear it while at play.

Refreshments during the match will be provided at every interval.

Game rules will be shared on the match day

Winning team will be awarded.

Registration fee: Rs 300 per head

Reporting Time: 9 am
*** Please note no entries will be entertained after 9.30am as the matches will begin at 10am sharp. So please be there on time.

Important Tips:
* Please wear a head gear/Cap for protection against heat.
* We would suggest you to wear track pants instead of shorts to avoid any bruises.
* Any kind of foul language will not be entertained
* We will not be responsible for any belongings. Please make sure your belongings are kept safely while you are at play.
* Any kind of medical illness must be reported in advance in case of emergency.


Date : 22nd May, 2011

Time : 9Am onwards

Venue : Vishwa Pragati Sports Club, Near Nirmala Sadan, Pramila Nager, New Link Road, Dahisar West, Mumbai.

For further details or clarifications please feel free to contact us at 9930854834


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