Beaten At McDonald

A transgender woman in Maryland, Baltimore was brutally beaten at a McDonald’s, while the employees, videotape, shout and no one interferes and goes to help the victim. An old lady finally manages to get in between. The victim then goes into seizures because of the severe impact. [Link] (Warning: The video is extremely graphic and disturbing).

Its a sad sad day. What makes people hate? What makes them brutally assault someone like this? What makes someone to capture a video without going for help? What kind of establishment encourages employees to not be involved in saving someone from being assaulted?

McDonaldis - We are NOT loving it!

As a transwoman, I am scared to death. This is the second incident I have known about in the last week. [Link] [Link] As a Queer, I am angry and frustrated. As an ally to minorities of race, gender, sexual and other identities, I am worried about how someone can let this happen. As a human I am disgusted.

As a start, you can show your support by signing the petition here [Link]. It doesn’t matter where you live. By signing you show your support that such brutality cannot be let gone with. Hate crimes have to be tackled. Corporates have to be answerable. Police and law enforcement agencies should not harass the already torn individual by using their wrong name or gender and by identifying the criminals and finding them responsible and accountable for their actions.

You can also contact McDonalds via Twitter : @McDonalds

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