Bengaluru Pride 2011 is Here!

Bengaluru is getting ready to celebrate it’s annual Pride in November this year. Pride march is scheduled on Nov 27, 2011.There will be events throughout the month. Details should be made available soon on the Pride website.

Gaysi is excited for Bengaluru Queers and Allies!

If you remember, we did a month long, four-part series in June to celebrate Chennai Pride.Titled “Chennai : Moments of Pride”, this series featured Chennai’s LGBT community members and allies, sharing their favorite moments from previous pride celebrations.

We are planning to do a similar series for Bengaluru and request all of you from Bengaluru to participate!

Here is how :

  1. Please take a look at the Chennai series to get an idea.
  2. Email us your most memorable moment from previous pride celebrations in Bengaluru (Could be any year, not just 2010). It could anything you feel worth sharing, mood doesn’t matter : Happy, Sad, Touching, Moving, Silly, Awkward, Emotional – Anything!
  3. No word limits. Gaysi team will edit if required.
  4. Please include your name and a picture (could be a mug shot or pics from pride events or a less revealing picture if you are not comfortable showing your face). You are welcome to send entries without pictures, but entries with pictures will get priority.
  5. Please send us your entries by Oct 31st, 2011. We are planning to publish this series throughout November. Email :


Ten folks participated in our Chennai Pride project, let us see if Bengaluru can beat Chennai 🙂

Looking forward to hear from you all.
Here is wishing all Bengaluru folks a very happy and successful Pride 2011!

Team Gaysi

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