Bengaluru Pride & Karnataka Queer Habba 2010


Bengaluru will celebrate its third Bengaluru Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba in November this year. The Queer Habba events will be organised during the latter half of November and will culminate with the Pride March itself on Nov 28th (coincident with the Delhi Pride March). These events are being organised by CSMR (Campaign for Sexuality Minorities Rights), a collective of LGBTQ and allied groups in Bangalore.

Initial calls for participation and organisation for some of the events have already been issued, and more will follow soon. You can follow these through the website, facebook and twitter. Let us now go through the series of events in roughly chronological order.

An online slogan competition, for use during the Pride March, will start soon. Towards the beginning of November, Srishti will help organise a session for screen printing on shirts and poster making. We are also planning a (closed-door) event with family and friends of LGBT people. Next, Maraa will work with us to create fabulous outfits, head-dresses and other gear to wear during Pride March. The Habba events will then follow over a period of two weeks.

Queer Art Exhibit : An exhibit of queer-themed visual art on our body images and gender will be held at 1, Shanthi Road. If you or your friends have creations to exhibit, contact us. This space will also include a couple of book readings.

‘Love Across Boundaries’ : A public panel discussion will explore love across various boundaries – gender, sexuality, caste, class, religion, etc. This will involve LGBTQ and allied groups.

Story Telling : Maraa will, like last year, organise a public story telling event around a park bench one afternoon. Come and share your stories of love with us all.

Poetry Reading : If you have a poem to read out, in any language, let us know !

Queer Songs : A team has been formed to write, compose, sing and play multi-lingual LGBTQ-themes songs. If you sing or play or compose, join them.

Theatre : We are proposing a staged play (in many languages) and a Kannada street play. The story line of these plays will be decided by the participants and theatre people will help us with staging it. Get involved !

Queer Mela : A gigantic Mela is being planned, with stalls and booths, a stage for open-mic performances etc. Work with us to make this happen.

Parties : Party Square will organise a Pride benefit party and also a Pride Party. If you would like organise other fund-raising activities (garage sale etc), you are more than welcome !

Shorts : Four teams of people are currently going through training workshops on how to make films. They will making a short film each related to LGBTQ themes, which will be screened publicly. The best film will given the Famila Award (instituted this year).

‘Reflections and post-377 priorities’ : A public debate on what we have achieved so far and what, in the ‘post-377’ world are our immediate priorities.

Pride March : We finish with a glorious Pride March on Nov 28th through the city of Bangalore. Join us !

Request for funding

We need your help for all this – Bengaluru Pride events are being financed through individual donations. From you, your friends, and their friends too. Spread the word! If you would like to contribute, get in touch with Docsid – (mention ‘Pride’ in the subject line).

Website :

Email :

Facebook : Search for ‘Bengaluru Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba 2010’

Twitter : blrpride

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