Bengaluru Pride Mela (Diversity Fair)

Date : 26th November, 2011

Rococo Gallery is located at 11 Rest House Road.  Rest House Road is the 2nd right turning off of Brigade Road if you are coming from the MG Road Direction.  It’s a one-way so you can’t turn in from Brigade Road if you’re driving.

This year’s Pride Mela will feature only the best that Queer Bangalore (and beyond) has to offer.  From Belly Dance, Bookstalls, Brownies, and Bharatanatyam!

We’ll have on sale tea and coffee, vegan food items, cupcakes, brownies, books, and jewelry.
There will be informational stalls from Enfold Proactive Health Trust, Chennai Dost, Gaylaxi, Inner Sight, Make a Difference, Sangama, the Slutwalk Campaign, and one for and about bisexuality.

We will also have a photo-booth, a secret-rose delivery, a tarot reading stall, and much more! Of course you don’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase Bengaluru Pride 2011 souvenirs (stickers and t-shirts!)

Inside Rococo Gallery we will display the beautiful selection of images that were contributed for our international photography competition with the theme “IN PUBLIC

(note: performances WILL run on schedule, so please do come early enough to see your friends perform)

12:00 – Forum Theatre by Sangama
12:30 – Ghazal by Biswajyoti
12:40 – Dance by Samara (Zone 1)
12:50 – Song by Samara
1:00 – Dance by Chennai Dost
1:10 – Magic Show by Sam & Dolly
1:25 – Dance by Samara (Zone 2)
1:50 – Song by Sumathi
1:55 – Dance by Samara (Zone 3)
2:05 – Short play by Chennai Dost
2:20 – Classical Dance by Taejha (from Chennai)
2:30 – Hip Hop Dance by Adam from Srishti Madurai
2:35 – Dance by Samara (Zone 4)
3:00 – The Pink Divas
3:05 – Song by Samara
3:10 – Dance by Payana
3:20 – Poetry by Joshua Muyiwa
3:30 – Dance and Drumming by Bornfree Art School ~ Tiger Band
3:40 – Song by Sydney
3:45 – Dance by Samara (Zone 5)
3:55 – Belly dance by Alex
4:05 – Dance by Samara (Zone 6)
4:15 – 4:30: Encores / extra performances
4:30 – 6:00: DJ sponsored by Party Square

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