Best Of Both Worlds

[Guest Author: Jane Doe]

The deal with being bisexual is that no one takes you seriously. I mean for most people it isn’t even a thing. It’s like “You like men don’t you? Yeah, then you’re straight.” But no, that’s just the point, I like women. A lot. So much so that I can’t walk through my crowded college mess without checking one or two out.

It’s just that I like different things about the two sexes. I like the softness of women and how we’re so strong inside and I like men, with their sports and bikes, and facial hair. And body hair.

And once you’ve struggled with admitting it to yourself and are beginning to tell others around you, scepticism really doesn’t do much for you. And if I hear “It’s just a phase” one more time, I swear I’ll strangle someone. Phases DO NOT continue for six or seven years or maybe more. The first time I ever felt anything of the sort was with a much older classmate of mine. She was thirteen, two years older than me and was really smart. And wore a bra. And was really fond of me. I really couldn’t put a finger to it, but I was acutely aware of her presence even if we weren’t really interacting.

There were a couple of times over the years when I’ve had friends whom I’ve felt a little uncomfortable being around probably because of some subconscious attraction. So no, it’s not a phase. I am bisexual, I like men and women.

And while it may sound cliché, I will quite Alice Pieszecki from the L Word who once very aptly said “I’m looking for the same qualities in a man as I am in a woman.” If and when I fall in love, I will fall in love with the person, not the sex.

Also it’s quite a misconception that bisexuals have it easy because they have the best of both. To me it’s all very confusing because you know you could fall in love with a person of the same sex and at the same time you’re hoping that in the interest of an easy, happy life you’ll end up the usual way, normal. And you can’t really tell your folks because frankly what do you say, “Mum, Dad, I like boys and I like girls and maybe someday I’ll bring either home”?

The very worst thing though is when you see a chick you really fancy with her boyfriend. That’s when it really gets to you because you can’t make it known. And the brainless, self destructive moron that you are, it still won’t go away.

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