Birthday Gift; Up To 10 Years In Prison

If you breathe under dictatorship rule, in a claustrophobic environment, well then pretty much anything is possible. Cruellest of cruellest things can happen with you. Ask Rani & her friend Malik.

“Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal,” says the country’s penal code, “shall be punished with imprisonment.”

Eighteen-year-old Rani says Iqbal, a 42-year-old fertilizer dealer, is a friend – not a lover.

“We were only celebrating my birthday,” Rani said.

But prosecutors say it was a marriage that was taking place. Police smashed their way in, broke up the party, arrested 43 dancing guests, Rani and Iqbal.

The officials however have a different (fabricated?) story to tell;

Peshawar police Chief Shoukat Ali disagrees. Officials say they have photographs and a wedding dress to prove it.

“Our investigation shows this man likes these people more than women,” Ali said. “He admitted it. This is a psychological disease when men are attracted to men and not attracted to women.”

In Pakistan, homosexuality is a taboo subject and gay marriage is almost unheard of. [Link]

I could go on and on about human rights violation, privacy & blah blah blah, but it all just seems so futile. All I can do is pray. Pray that these men don’t suffer much. And are able to breathe free one sunny morning.

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