BOAF Presents Pride Friday

Its Pride Friday and we’re kicking up Pride Week – You and me are going to have a better time than most people dream of, so let’s paint the night in your favorite color!

In the spirit of QAM 2012, let’s let our colors show. Pick your favorite Color off the Pride Flag and wear it with style! Dress like a rockstar & dance till you drop this Friday night at OUZOS!

Cover + Entry = Rs. 600/- (400 + 200 Special Pride Friday Rates!)
Warm up begins at 8.00pm when you can catch up with old friends and make new ones. Ease into the night.
DJ Agnel heats it up with your favorite dance tunes way into the night!

Look out for Prizes and Freebies! Details will be out soon!!

2012 is going to be louder, bigger, brighter, funkier, dirtier and crazier – we PROMISE!


To know more on the event, check out their FB page!


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