Bollywood Hunks : When they were & When they were not

Unlike straight Desi men, Gaysi men are very picky! It is not easy for our Bollywood hunks to entice Gaysi men. And when they do, it is twice as hard to remain as the object of their attraction forever. Gaysi men save their loyalty for the divas (Rekha, Madhuri, Kajol and many others), not for the hunks. Hunks are disposable! One wrong move and they are out.

Let us take a look on some of our favorite stars and their hits and misses with Gaysi men.

Note : Although we all have different tastes, we hope many Gaysi men would agree with our choices. If you disagree, please feel free to tell us which version of our hunks you like better. We would love to hear from you.

Akshay Kumar

Shaving his chest may have brought good luck to Bollywood’s Khiladi but it also made his loyal fan base (read Gaysi men) move away. Gaysi men were heart broken when they saw their handsome hairy hunk (Mohra, Keemat), flaunting his smooth chest in a song with Bipasha Basu (Aankhen). May be just for this film, they thought optimistically. Sadly Kumar permanently bid farewell to his chest hair then went on to become one of the most bankable stars of Bollywood.

Verdict :




Disappointed Gaysi men later understood why Kumar made that tough decision, when they saw him with his salt & pepper beard at 2006’s IIFA awards show.

Anil Kapoor

If Akshay looks like a skinned chicken now, Anil Kapoor was at the other extreme in his younger days. Remember Anil’s famous love making scene with Dimple Kapadia in the 80’s movie, Janbaaz? Nicely trimmed chest hair is sexy, but hair all over the body? Eww! Poor Kapadia. In most of his films, Kapoor was unshaven and shabby. Recently though, he cleaned up and looks a lot fresh and charming compared to his younger days. Sexy Daddy! (Arey, we meant for Sonam yaar)

Veridct :

Saif Ali Khan

We don’t know if Desi girls went “Ole, Ole” with the skinny, long haired Saif Ali Khan (Yeh Dillagi), but he didn’t do much for Gaysi men. Saif was completely off their radar until he made a comeback with a buffed body! (Hum Saath Saath Hain, Ek Haseena Thi). Khan knew his new body worked and he makes it a point to flaunt it in every movie now. (Salaam Namaste to Kurbaan). Good for us.

Verdict :

Emraan Hashmi

Who said only straight desi men likes curves? Gaysi men like curves too! Serial kisser Emraan Hashmi had curves to die for that made him the perfect Gaysi eye candy (Murder, Zeher). He worked hard to build a six pack for his film, Once upon a time in Mumbai. The film clicked, but honey, six pack abs are not for everyone! We like the “Before Six pack” Emraan better.

Verdict :

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor’s chiseled body hasn’t changed much, but when he made his debut in Ishq Vishq, Shahid was neither a boy nor a man. His muscular body didn’t go well with his baby face. No wonder he was teased as Kareena Kapoor’s teen age brother!  Over the years, Shahid has turned into a handsome young man, matching is perfectly toned body. When he runs with the horses in Kaminey, we don’t know which one to ride! Drool!

Verdict :

Ajay Devagan

Ajay Devagan is a reasonably good looking man and his sex appeal lies in his sharp eyes and deep voice. Jumping on the bandwagon, Ajay pumped iron and flaunted his new muscular body in Omkara, Golmaal and other recent movies. Unfortunately, Devagan’s desperate attempt is neither a hit nor a miss. He was 4 out of 10 in sex appeal before and is the same after.

Verdict :

No Change!!


Ritesh Deshmuk

Ritesh is cute, but was never a head turner, until recently he surprised everyone with his six pack in Saajid Khan’s Housefull. This boyish looking actor is quite a treat in his new form.

Verdict :

John Abraham

One Bollywood hunk who is always yummy is the man with the best “Jism”, John Abraham. From Jism to Paap to his recent hit Dostana, John got better and better. All his versions are to die for -Yummy, Yummier and then Yummiest! No wonder, he is the ultimate Gaysi Icon. A little birdie told us he is pumping more iron to look perfect for his new police officer role in the Hindi remake of Tamil hit “Kakha Kakha“. We can’t wait!

Verdict :

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