Bombay Dost Sunday Highs : A ‘YAARIYAN’ Event

For those of you, who missed out on some great cinema during Kashish week or if you just want to catch these masterpieces one more time, Bombay Dost – Sunday Highs brings to you KASHISH 2011 Winners all through July and August!

Date : 17th July, 2011

Time : 5PM onwards

Venue : CEFE, Flat 1, Reviera Apts, 15th Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai

Starting off we have two very special films from Kashish 2011…

I Am (2011, 82 min, India, Onir)
Awarded Best Narrative Feature –

Jury’s Citation:
For the film’s truly kaleidoscopic vision of the human condition.
The film narrates four diverse stories, which deal with a spectrum of topics including same-gender relationships. The quartet is a marvelous portrait of contemporary social concerns, in sum their impact being bold as well as beautiful.

Kusum-The Flower Bud (2010, 10.31 min, India, Shumona Banerjee)
Recieved Riyad Wadia Award for Best Emerging Indian Filmmaker

Jury’s Citation:
For the whimsical, witty and yet so wise ‘Kusum
– The Flower Bud’, about a spunky transvestite’s
bond with an eccentric professor.

“Yaariyan” is coming together of young and enthusiastic Mumbai queer who at the moment prefer to call themselves “Yaariyan – A work in Progress’

There was never a better way to spend your Sundays, bring your pals and come watch great movies with the young and vibrant YAARIYAN folks in CEFE, a safe and homely space sprawled with cozy cushions, hot tea, snacks and some very warm people!

Space Courtesy : The Humsafar Trust, CEFE Unit

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