Book Review : Above All, Honor By Radclyffe

BSB-AboveAllHonorFor a very long time, the genre of romance did not exist for me. Then about three months ago, I came across Radclyffe’s book (not to be confused with Radclyffe Hall ) ‘Above all, Honor’. Thereafter, I have been avidly reading romantic works, so much so, that I was worried that I’ll exhaust my resources! However, I have not come across a Radclyffe book that is not likeable. She is one of the finest lesbian romance writers of America.

It is treat for the readers who enjoy the thrill of a whodunit fiction. The lovers of the intrigues of secret service and agents dazzling the pages of the book will find this book quiet apt to their taste. ?The plot has secret service agents protecting the beautiful and wilful president’s daughter who just refuses to comply or make their job any easier. The protagonist is the single-minded agent who is the new commander in chief, a striking lady in hot pants. Cameron Roberts is a strong person who has a dark menacing past, an honorable officer, a dyke and is sworn in to protect the president’s daughter. Blair Powell, the President’s daughter, is an artist, a free spirit, who longs for her freedom and is always giving trouble to the team deployed for her protection. She fits into the bracket of being an arrogant individual but is the owner of a sharp brain. This makes her come across as a very attractive persona and her character grew on me as I read the book. Sometimes it does get a little annoying for the readers to deal with her immature rubbishing of the security protocol, however the argument does hold that at 25 one does feel claustrophobic if boxed into a caged existence. She being the president’s daughter was not allowed to lead an ordinary woman’s life. Having her everyday monitored and regulated by security norms made her a rebel. The story is about Cam trying to keep Blair safe, while Blair is seen throughout whining about the fact that people are trying to choose for her and that Cam won’t sleep with her. Inspite of all the odds, the two of them fall for each other. Blair can be annoying like I said but Cam makes up for that. ??The rest of the story flows fluidly and is thoroughly enjoyable. For the Indian audience, romance is Bollywood. However, this book is much better than most Bollywood romances or action flicks. I am now convinced that this kind of good reading is any day better than watching some conventional Hindi Film dramas which are not only monotonous but are also deeply regressive for being heteronormative as well as homophobic. The same sex romance between these two women gives goose bumps to the readers. The author has very dextrously woven the myriad of nuances in the plot and given the readers a beautiful love story to read.

It is the first book in the Honor Series and if you happen to like it, make sure you do read the whole series. It took me a while to get out of the Cam and Blair world.

Happy Reading!

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