Book Review Electric Feather: Delicious Orgasm in 13 Stories

Ruchir’s Joshi’s teasing, sensual stores of sex , sex and sex! The book is titled ‘Electric Feather’ and in my view it couldn’t have been more apt. Figuratively electric would be something that produces a sudden sense of thrilling excitement. And feather touch. God, I am almost there.

At a time when writing about sex & body celebration by Asian authors is rare, this book comes as a slice of chilled strawberry on a summer afternoon. The stories are sensual, teasing, warm and have an essence of familiar humor. It is a compilation of steaming stories by the most exciting writers of today. The main characters in all the stories  are predominantly slaves of desire & passion while the emotions play delightfully in the background.

My favorite Tourists by Paromita Vohra heightens one’s imagination. It is smart, tasteful and funny. The narrator herself tastes like a piece of warm and melting chocolate. It’s a conversation between fantasy & reality. Simply beautiful!

Samit Basu’s The Wedding Night is nothing but unadulterated sex amidst games on the night of a wedding.

Ismat Chugtai’s The Quilt is warmly adapted by Parvati Sharma. It is cute, mischievous and tells you that making conversations can add so much more spice to action in the bed. This is one same-sex story where love & desire go hand-in-hand.

Niven Govinden’s The Cat is a violent expression of desire between two men. Rana Dasgupta’s Swimming Pool is bold but not impressive. Kamila Shamsie’s Love’s Sunset is beautiful and poetic. Although the plot is predictable; one will still be left with an emotion of falling in and out of love!

The other stories are equally raunchy and delivered with an amazing level of comfort & honesty. One is left resonating with lust, longing & desire even long after the book is set aside!

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