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While you lot are still singing the dying whispers of Auld Lang Syne [ Yes, that IS the 1788 Scottish song that plays in Sex and The City – The Movie. Yes, it even has a Gay Kiss ] So much has been happening in the world! So much! Time to play catch up…and that’s what we are here for – To nurse your hangover with Queer cheer.

A Beauty Queen [ The tiara, mascara and sashay kind ?….ok, that could still mean two things …] from the Gay!Gay! state of New York – Claire Buffie, 24 is competing in the Miss America Pageant on the Gay Rights platform. In case you were unaware, every contestant picks a cause as platform – the environment, global awareness, education…blah blah blah. Buffie is straightforward about her championing of gay rights  – She calls herself a “vocal ally” because her sister is gay [Awwwwww… No. She did not mention her sister is single. Pack it in already!] I like her. A lot. She appears down to earth. She is doing it for the right reasons – She cares about people close to her and does not see why they should be treated as second class citizens. Simple enough right? I agree. [vote for her!] It’s like a gust of fresh air especially after the media disaster that was Carrie Prejean [ Remember her ? Among other things she called Larry King ‘inappropriate’ ]

More happy news: Say bad things about gay people and its going to bite your conscience [ or that of your boss or boss’s boss…either way you are busted] That is exactly what happened to Palm Springs Police Chief David Domiguez. The Chief and other police officers used gay slurs in a sting operation which was considered insensitive and discriminatory by the police – especially ironic because palm springs, as the article says, is a Gay and Lesbian mecca in the dessert! The local economy thrives off the Pink Dollar – and while, this chap retiring after 31 years is kinda sorta pointless – the gravity of such heavy repercussions should encourage more federal anti-discrimination laws. And others to think before belting out a few stinkers.

Back home – Apparently, a gay couple from Lucknow auditioned for “Dance India Dance” and were awesome [Duh] Sure, one had to dress as a woman to get jiggy with the other but hey! Its visibility, isn’t it ? Major takeaway – Queer folks and their hips don’t lie. So you-not-so-curly-folks, You can run but you can’t dance! – We’re coming to get all your twinkle toed jobs.

FYI : The US is changing the fields “mother” & “father” in Passport applications to state “mother or parent 1” & “father or parent 2” to recognize different types of families. News with such sensitivity is rare – enjoy it. [Thank you Anurag for sharing]

This Guardian article about David/Sonia Burgess, a British immigration lawyer may be contentious [ Rashmi & I have had a lengthy and wonderfulyl eye-opening e-mail discussion about this article, which if we feel nice we may share ] but I do believe its an exercise in understanding – you may read it and think it rubbish, you may read it and think it eye-opening, you may read it and be stumped – either way: Read it.

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