Bravo Rohit Singh!

Honestly if you ask me I feel lesbians & gay men have it comparatively easy, in terms of dealing with the society. Now don’t get me wrong, discrimination does happen in metro cities but a lot less now than lets say… 4-5 years ago.

But have conditions improved for our Transgender friends? Are they treated with respect and courtesy? What about the so-called democratic rights? Unfortunately the answer is a big bold NO!

In fact in the recent months, we have reported two discriminatory instances targeted towards the TG community: MTV Roadies & Mahesh Murthy. And then there are countless others that go unreported every single day.

Rohit SinghAnd it seems the West is no different – In Canada a trans woman was refused to try on a bridal dress at a store because according to the owner of the store she looked like a man. And this even after she informed the owner that she was in her transition process.

Luckily for Rohit Singh support poured in from all quarters, and people protested outside the said Bridal store. And Rohit did find herself the perfect wedding dress from another store without a fuss. But she does plan on lodging a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, against Jenny’s Bridal Boutique in Saskatoon.

So though the TG community is struggling with people’s attitude even in countries with well-established anti-discriminatory laws, it is heartening to see support & encouragement extended from Queers & others almost immediately.

Then why is it so hard to replicate the same here, in India? And we can start this today, now…with ourselves. After all in the end of the day respect is all one seeks. Yes?

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