Breaking Free (Touring USA)

BREAKING FREE tour across three cities in US – LA, DC and NYC would screen films and hold talks pertaining to the contemporary LGBT scenario in India. One of the prime attraction is award winning filmmaker & gay activist SRIDHAR RANGAYAN’s work-in-progress BREAKING FREE – a controversial compelling documentary feature about Section 377 that traces the extraordinary queer rights movement in India – from invisibility to empowerment.
The schedule of screenings and events:

1.Tuesday July 24th, 5pm – Screening of Breaking Free and panel discussion at LGBTI Networking Zone at World AIDS Conference, Washington DC
Hosted by RFSL

2. Tuesday July 24th, 6pm – Panel discussion about KASHISH – Mainstreaming queer visibility through cinema
Hosted by RFSL

3. Thursday July 26th, 12pm – Play reading of Madhav Baug at World AIDS Conference, Washington DC (page 24/25)

Hosted by AIDS2012

4. Thursday July 26th, 5pm – Screening of film Project Bolo at World AIDS Conference, Washington DC (page 67/68)

Hosted by AIDS2012

5. Friday July 27th, 7pm – Play reading of Ek Madhav Baug and Screening of film Breaking Free & Night is Young at SEIU Conference Center, Washington DC

Hosted by Khush DC, HRC and SEIU

6. Sunday July 29th, 6pm – Screening of film Breaking Free, Project Bolo and other short films from KASHISH at Queens Museum, New York

Hosted by Cinemarosa and Queens Museum


More about Sridhar Rangayan at
Wikipedia –


 ‘To contribute to Breaking Free, please visit
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