But Baba, LGBT Can Be Cured by Yoga … No?

Last week’s episode of Satyamev Jayate (SMJ, peeps, SMJ) was groundbreaking in many ways. Not only did it spark off a series of discussions in the public sphere on LGBT rights, but we also had a Trending Hashtag – #FreedomforLGBT and new lesbian, gay and transgender voices seen and heard.

At one point during the show, Aamir Khan sat across from Dr. Anjali Chhabria and asked her so earnestly, so much so that you’d think he himself didn’t know the answer (but well done, Mr Khan! – you ask and speak as the people do giving very little away)

“Can it be cured by Yoga?”

The “it”  being the alternative sexualities being discussed on the show. Aamir Khan in response to laughter from the crowd, went onto suggest that indeed – there are “some” who do say that it can be cured.

By Yoga.

Which brings me to the individual who not so long so expanded (Read: boggled) our minds with his understanding of science.

What’s His Name?

Just when you thought all was quiet on from the No-Homo-Cure Homo camp, he’s back with ANOTHER CURE. Ebola, you better watch out.

It’s him – saviour of the masses, educator of the homosexuals, launderers for the bosses and now *Drumroll* J(h)adoo of the India’s unclean roads… It’s Baba!

*Chant with me now to the tune of Bieber*

Baba! Baba! Babaaaa, oooooh Babaaaaa!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.18.44 AM

OK. Now that we’ve got you all excited and revved up like 30 year olds at a Fawad Khan press conference (what’s with that?)  – let’s take it from the top.

Back in January, at Gaysi’s Open-Mic just after the ridiculous December ruling to reinstate 377 – we heard something amazing. Beena and Kiran performed a little something. Something SO hilarious and SO catchy that we were inspired.

We decided to use Beena and Kiran’s song and lyrics to create an animation special. In line with the greatest parodies and Taiwanese animations of all time, Gaysi collaborated with a talented animator to make this happen.

Make what happen, you ask?

They Ain’t Making Gays Like Baba Anymore

Song, Dance, Rainbows and Baba.

I’m warning you, this tune is an earworm – you’ll start singing it when drunk, when lighting that soaked diwali rocket, when bumping armpits on the morning train ride and for this – There’s NO CURE.

Just like there’s no cure for curly hair. Or straightness (Yeah, what’s with that too?).

Watch it here. Share. Enjoy. Tell Us What You Think.


Soundtrack By – Beena & Kiran (Listen & download the complete version of The Baba Song)
Lyrics By – Beena
Animation By – Shalaka Pai, Mohini Mukherjee & Nisha Vasudevan
Produced By – Gaysi Family
Edited By – Anuja Parikh

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