Carnival (Diversity Fair) By Queer Campus Hyderabad

What is a carnival?

To go by the dictionary, ” A carnival is a festival marked by merriment and procession”. This holds true to some extent for our event too. This is the first shot at our annual carnival. The most basic aim is to create an ice breaker for burgeoning diversity of humanity to interact.. ( and also to gather funds for the sustenance and survival of QCH )

What can you find in our carnival?

Well, the few events that we have planned for the carnival are as below:

Flea market

Cultural events: Singing and Dance

Drama and Theater

Art Gallery (ART SALE)

Music Band

So… In short… everything that will keep you glued to us. We might just throw in a few surprises too! A few extra garnishing on the dish has never hurt anyone… wait and watch….

why should you visit our carnival?

Firstly.. Because it is fun… Secondly because it will be fun… and thirdly.. Because IT IS FOR A CAUSE.

Firstly.. Because it is fun… Secondly because it will be fun… and thirdly.. Because IT IS FOR A CAUSE.

The Democratic, Socialist, Secular, Republic of India has guaranteed every citizen a life of dignity, equality and choice. The fact

however lies that many communities in India still live in a world which is highly stigmatized and prejudiced against them. The queer

community of India is still fighting for basic necessities like recognition and acceptance. After the decriminalization of homosexuality

on 2nd july 2009 by the delhi high court, many people around the country have come out of the closet and many organisations on queer

issues have popped up. Our main purpose is to let the genie out of the bag and let people know we exist, and we have a voice. After the re-criminalization on 11th December 2013, it has closed the doors for the entire Queer community. This CARNIVAL is an ice-breakerto reach out to the society.

what is QCH?

QueerCampus Hyderabad is an agglomeration of queer youth in Hyderabad. The focus groups that we like to concentrate on are students though we entertain no age biases. This group was started, and is run by students. The main aim remains to create a safe space for students to come out and talk, express and be themselves. The basic problems such as bullying, coming out, acceptance, awareness, career guidance etc are taken up by us. We conduct meetings every weekend on a specific pre-decided agenda though there is no compulsion to stick only to the topic. QCH is more of a support group that works as shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold you up, a hug to keep you warm, and a smile to make your day.

what is a flee market?

A flee market can be put in more understandable terms as an agglomeration of stalls by individuals, groups, corp-orates etc. The stalls would sell items that are indigenous, handmade, articles, and surely not commercial. Devour yourself to this exotic treat.

Date: 18th Jan 2014 Timings: 10:30am to 5:30pm

Venue: Lamakaan, Opposite GVKOne, Road Number 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 


LaMakaan’s Aprroval:

For stall registrations:

Whom to contact? (For renting stalls or for participating in cultural events)

You can contact us at our email Id :

Or on any of the following numbers: 8341029666, 8885273619, 7306742335

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