Challenges & Tragedy For The Transgender Community

Okay so lets face it…we are all aware that the transgender community fights a much harder battle than most of the other sexual minorities. While some countries are taking steps in the right direction, equality is still a distant dream.

Here is an ‘in-your-face’ article that highlights the obstacles faced by the transgender community in countries that, from the outside seem progressive. The sad truth is that no matter how liberal or progressive a country/state/city, what matters at the end of the day is the cultural attitude towards sexual minorities.

If only people could put their stigmas aside and work at being sensitive towards others. So much could be learned and most importantly, gained. Transgender individuals definitely do not need the additional burden placed on them by “society.” As this article points out, let’s hope that President Obama takes a big step towards supporting the transgender community in America at least.

Challenges and Tragedy for the Transgender Community

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