Cine Labia Screenings : “I Am” By Sonali Gulati

Join us for an intimate heart- warming and thought-provoking documentary about coming out in India – “i am”

Directed and written by Sonali Gulati/ 2011/ 71 minutes

English and Hindi, with English subtitles

“i am” chronicles the journey of an Indian lesbian filmmaker who returns to Delhi, eleven years later, to re-open what was once home, and finally confronts the loss of her mother whom she never came out to. As she meets and speaks to parents of other gay and lesbian Indians, she pieces together the fabric of what family truly means, in a landscape where being gay was until recently a criminal and punishable offense.

Director’s Note: I started making I Am in 2005. My personal experience of leading a closeted life and my inability to come out to my mother before she died, serves as not only the motivation, but also the starting point for the film. As I began to come out to some of my friends, I noticed that this was not as muted, or invisible, or shameful a subject as I had perceived it to be. I managed to connect with a community of people who were out to their parents, some of whom were even very accepting and understanding. As a departure from my own story, I Am became a portrait of various Indian families, living in India, dealing with having a gay or lesbian family member.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Sunday 12 June 2011 at 5:00 pm

Majlis Cultural Centre – Flat 1 – Christina Apartments – Police Chowki lane

(opp. Samrat Electronics)

Kalina Market – Santa Cruz (E)

All women and transpersons welcome!


Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (5pm – 8pm)

You can also reach us at:
LABIA/ Stree Sangam
P.O. Box 16613
Mumbai 400 019.


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