Come Read Out Loud with Gaysi & Labia

Labia & Gaysi, have come together again to present to you the second edition of Read Out Loud!

A queer reading event by and about LBT persons!

Come share a tale that keeps you up at night.
Come tell a story that breaks your heart.
Come narrate a fable that speaks to you.
Come read a poem you told someone over the phone…to sighs and giggles.

Come Read Out Loud with Gaysi & Labia at The Hive.

…And come hear a few tales of our own.

Join us on Sunday, February 23rd, 6-8 pm at The Hive, Bandra. Come with bagful of words that speak to your heart, or better still take some home with you! *Strictly Queer content*

Every storyteller will get 5 mins to share their tale….and there will be no censorship.

Details to have on hand and share are below. Don’t miss this!

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