Coming Soon : Couples Interview

Isn’t it time?

Isn’t time that we meet Mrs. & Mrs. Smita?

Isn’t it time that we listen to the romantic story “When Hari met Sreeni”?

Don’t you want to know how our Dilwala, Dulha le

Don’t you want to hear Sanjana’s story “Mein Preeti ki Diwaani hoon”?

Gaysi will be launching a new series in the new year! Yes! We will be interviewing Gaysi couples. Couples who are dating, in a relationship, married traditionally, married legally, you name it. If being Gaysi is interesting, challenging and fun, imagine being Gaysi and being in a relationship. Here is how you can help * Suggest a title for this new project! A title that can beat “aam gaysi”, the awesome title we have for our “Meet the Gaysi” series. * Suggest questions (keep it clean, please) * Connect us to Gaysi couples who would be interested in sharing their story. * Better yet interview Gaysi couples for us. We just have one simple rule: One of the couple has to be a Gaysi. Please use the “TALK” button at the bottom right corner to reach us.
We already have our first interview ready! Coming soon, baby!
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