Concert by the Bay

Date : Friday, 27th January 2012
Time : 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Venue : The Amphitheater, Carter Road, Near Café Coffee Day, Bandra West


1) Alisha Pais

Alisha Pais is a singer/songwriter from Mumbai, who taps into folk rock, alternative and contemporary genres. She is also a sessions musician who has performed with bands like BramFatura and The Petri Dish Project. Having played all over Mumbai and Pune, and also at music festivals like Nh7 2010, Nh7 2011 and Sunburn 2011. With the acoustic guitar as her weapon of choice she plans to steadily conquer cities far and wide!

2) Ashwini Mishra

Ashwini Mishra a.k.a A-List has been a rap artist and performer since 2004. A-List’s style of music is conscious hip hop where he tries to tell stories through his music and avoids stereotypes of thugs or gangstas as he likes to tell the story of the environment he grew up in- a normal Indian middle class boy with no pretensions of ‘streetness’. He is currently occupied with his day job in internal branding at TCS but continues with his passion for hip hop and alternative rap.

3) Beena Noronha and Fungus

5 metropolitan strangers found their way to each other through their love for music. songs written and composed by Beena – about bombay, about love, about life! she is accompanied by “her boys” playing flute, guitar, bass and drums. They call their band FUNGUS

4) Kris Bass

Kris Bass, a.k.a. Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam, is a trained surgeon who is on a sabbatical to pursue his dreams in music. He plays bass guitar as the primary instrument with bands like Shor Bazaar, Cirkles, and Overhung. He also writes and records songs for his pet project called Ideat Savant, in which he plays the guitar and sings.

5) Ralf Kamphuis

Ralf Kamphuis was born in Germany. He was grown up with Music and started playing Flute from the age of six years. When he was 10 he started playing Piano. After listening to a Concert of the Vibraphon Player Milt Jackson he decided to play Vibraphon. He started his studies 1985 with Wolfgang Schlueter a wellknown Vibraphon Player from NDR Big Band Hamburg.

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