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There is too much hoopla around Daphne from Scooby-Doo who is making rounds as the most spoken about Halloween costume this year. Why is that? Because a very nice mom allowed her kid to dress up as Daphne. So why is there such a ruckus? Because it was a 5 year old ‘boy’. For Fuck’s sake, will you let kids be kids and let them enjoy their lives rather than being all so judgmental about it?[Link]

Hats off to a mom who not only supported her kid’s choice of dressing, rather cross dressing in a character he so enjoys but also standing up to other moms (I read it as ‘showing the finger’) and then blogging about it and thus recording a million hits in this process. She has 42000 comments and counting on this post and if only the elections were a little late, I am sure this would have been a decisive factor in this year’s mid term elections!

What moved me the most is the trepidation in the young boy’s mind of being ridiculed? And it so happens it very nearly came true- not by his mates who high fived and hugged him but rather by ‘those’ moms. Curious that a 5 year old boy knows what the stereotype in society is.

If this were not enough a psychologist was called for ‘expert opinion’ in this matter [Link] and in his esteemed thoughtful analysis of the whole situation, he declared

-“That the mom outed the boy”

Only thing we are not yet sure if the kid was gay or not. Irrespective, that itself is a stupid hypothesis because all people who cross dress are not necessarily gay. Hmmmm , ever heard of trans people, Doc? On the other front, she is such a supportive mom, the kid will have a better upbringing with a supportive family than having to hide his fears growing up.

Why is coming out even such a big process? Aren’t we at Gaysi and elsewhere who have been through all this, fighting for the cause of the next generation to be out and open as much as possible? I am hoping in 2 generations from now, kids just laugh when they hear the phrase “coming out of the closet”.

-“Fathom that their kid could be gay is a parents’ worst nightmare”. Seriously Dr. Psychologist? That said, Dr.Gardere has received a lot of flake in the media post interview and he was quick to apologise about it [Link]

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