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Trikone is proud to host DesiQ2013, a conference on South Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. This will be Trikone’s fourth such conference since 1995.

This year, we will look at the big picture of our movement and communities in their growing splendor and complexity. Twenty-seven years after the first queer South Asian group (Trikone) was founded, our queer worlds look vastly different from a generation ago: our movements, club scenes, potlucks, gender identities, geographic affiliations & migratory patterns, artistic & intellectual productions, and kinship networks & families have never been so richly multi-faceted.

At this gathering, we aim to highlight and center the issues of underserved individuals and communities under the vast umbrella that is “Queer & Trans South Asian.” The concerns of bisexual, transgender, working class, silver/senior, international, and detached (or involved in other movements and struggles) desis will be front and center.

We will revisit visions and goals from previous conferences, examine how the landscape of queer & trans organization has changed, and further integrate concerns of marginalized voices to forge a new platform. As always, DesiQ will also offer workshops, keynotes and panel discussions, artistic performances, and the ever-fabulous gala!

DesiQ2013 calls all South Asian queer and trans folk—activists, organizers, and artists; students, workers, and professionals; youth, seasoned mid-lifers and our silvered elders—to come together and dialogue, gossip, strategize, dance, eat, flirt, listen, contribute, learn, connect, collaborate, make friends, and generally celebrate our amazing and beautiful selves, communities, and lives!

Date : 4th-6th July 2013

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