Doing the Dirty Safely

We all love a friendly dollop of sex in our lives. The heady rush of hormones, the knot in our tummies and other nether regions and then the blissful sleep that follows. But if you truly want to sleep sound, you know you should be practicing safe sex. “Lesbians and UNsafe sex?!”, you snort. Yes, I hear you. But you’d do well to know that even the all powerful lesbians are not STD-proof. I know I learnt a thing or two from this article at

Donor insemination – if a woman is thinking about using a sperm donor to get pregnant, she needs to be aware of the potential donor’s detailed medical history and any possible risk factors – including drug use and sexual history. It is important that the donor has taken an HIV test.

Although we have seen that lesbian and bisexual women are at low risk of getting HIV from sex with another woman, many other STDs – such as herpes or thrush – are just as common for lesbians as for women who have sex with men.

While this article does not address other matters of vital importance such as handling the perilous “Walk of Shame” the day after or who should call back first or how to broach the topic of a threesome, it has some very handy tips about preventing the cooties in your vajayjays. You can read the rest of the article here.

No need to panic. Just be sure to test your self regularly, take the necessary precautions and keep an honest line of communications with your partner.Have a sexilicious weekend!

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