Don’t Get Fancy. Just Get Dancey. SALGA DANCE TEAM IS BACK! – Informational Session

After three very successful seasons of New York Pride performances, SALGA is ready to pull out all of the stops to give the streets of NYC a taste of the gaysi life through our stellar dance team!

WHAT IS THE SALGA Dance TEAM?: The SALGA dance team is a group of community members and allies who LOVE dance. We use dance and art as a way to promote visibility for the South Asian LGBT Community.

WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT?: We rehearse for a few hours per weekend from April – June. The commitment is not too intense, but we ask that you do not miss more than two scheduled rehearsals.

1) We use simple choreography as we perform for long stretches. 2) SALGA Dance team is a teaching opportunity for anyone who loves dance.

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED?: To start, come to our informational session on Sunday, April 15 @ Central Park North by the pond starting at 1pm. BYO Lunch and we’ll chill and talk dance.

Spread the word to your friends! We want to make as big of an impact as possible!

Date : Sunday, 15th April 2012

Time : 1PM

Venue : Central Park North by The Pond (Manhattan)

Check us out from last year. We’re pretty fly (even from behind).

For more information, contact or (412) 427 2783

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