Dr. Siras Dead

An Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) professor, who was suspended on charges of “gross misconduct” on campus after he was filmed engaging in homosexual act with a rickshaw puller, was found dead in his home here, police said on Wednesday.

The police have not ruled out suicide by the teacher. His body was lying on his bed and blood was oozing out of his mouth, the police said. [IBN Live]

Call me a stone cold bitch or whatever but honestly to me Dr. Srinivas Ramchandra Siras’s death comes as no shocker. In a country where hundreds perish under the pressure of societal norms and discriminatory religious sentiments on a daily basis, the AMU professor just happens to be another one to bite the dust. (My bad, the “disgraced” professor, as some media farts have fondly tagged him.)

To expect the same police officials, who had earlier refused to lodge a complaint by Dr. Siras, to investigate his death with utmost honesty would be to delude ourselves. As for support from the media, well everything is just a fad for them, just wait for another celebrity extra marital affair and all will be forgotten.

Whether its suicide or murder, in my eyes, the AMU committee should be held responsible. They stripped an ordinary man of his dignity and denied him his livelihood, all under the pretext of maintaining their image – a game of college politics at play, with a professor’s professional and personal life at stake.

As for us, the democratic public, Dr. Siras was a nobody. I mean we cannot pull off another Jessica Lal or Ruchika Girhotra now can we? Nah…especially not when IPL is on and King Khan has promised to do nude dance.

All we can do is shrug off our moral duty by uttering few words – R.I.P Dr. Srinivas Ramchandra Siras.

[Photograph credit : The Hindu]

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