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Come join us for informal talks once in every two months where one or two speakers share tales of the past with the group – perhaps focusing on a certain issue (how the Delhi Queer Pride Committee was formed), a certain point in history (such as what the queer/feminist movement did about the ban of the movie Fire, and the implications it had), or even just stories of their own lives (how the lesbian party scene was in Delhi in the ’90s or early ’00s).

This time join us for a lively discussion with Jaya Sharma (queer feminist activist) and Lesley Esteves (queer activists) and Ashwini, who were part of the early LGBT movement and lesbian organising in Delhi.

What is Our Lives Our Tales: About a month back, we received a donation of some old (now obscure) publications by queer collectives. After going through the books we realized that people who are in their 20s or people who haven’t been involved in queer activism as much might have never heard about the collectives, the people involved, their challenges and the lives they led. We had an idea to organise monthly sessions with individuals who have been involved in queer activism (including but beyond 377) since decades.

The histories of our movement are vastly underrepresented and unrecorded. As generations of feminists and queer activists pass along, legacies are disjunctured and weakened. We want to create this series of talks, given by people who have lived queer lives and fought battles for the queer movement, as a way of preserving and passing along oral histories that might otherwise be lost with them.

Date : Friday, 20th November 2015
Time : 6PM onwards
Address : Anhad C-5, Basement, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi – 110 013

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